Exhibition Express | Focusing on Haitai New Energy SNEC Optical Storage Feast

SNEC was grandly held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on June 13. Haitai Solar brought photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic brackets and energy storage systems to the SNEC exhibition. The efficient and innovative products attracted many visitors to stop and cheer, and the Haitai Solar booth instantly became the focus of the venue.

At this exhibition, Haitai Solar exhibited three new module products, namely 0BB products, flexible modules and BIPV sound barrier modules. Among them, 0BB products can reduce production consumption, bring higher output power and bifaciality.

Flexible modules are lightweight, frameless, anti-bending, and can adapt to complex installation environments.

BIPV sound barrier modules use solar energy to generate electricity while blocking car noise, helping urban buildings to enjoy clean electricity. In addition, the power and efficiency of the 210R large rectangular component have achieved a new breakthrough, with an output power of 625W and a conversion efficiency of 23.14%.

Taihe 2.0 series products are eye-catching, and the power of the modules produced using N-type 210 cells is as high as 700W; N-type double-glass 182-590W steel frame modules and N-type double-glass 182-435W composite frame all-black modules products provide customers with better quality and more efficient solutions.

Haitai Solar’s supporting bracket system can be designed with a variety of materials such as zinc-aluminum-magnesium, hot-dip galvanized carbon steel, and aluminum alloy, suitable for different scenarios, providing customers with customized solutions for fixed/tracking/industrial and commercial/household photovoltaics. The newly developed guardrail bracket has attracted much attention from domestic and foreign customers.

As another highlight of Haitai Solar, the energy storage system has also won wide attention from the industry. The stylish and beautiful household energy storage system provides 3-6kW single-phase and 6-15kW three-phase energy storage inverters, with 5-40kWh batteries, and adopts stacking installation and free combination to meet the personalized needs of different users. The industrial and commercial energy storage system includes AC-coupled energy storage system, DC-coupled energy storage system with photovoltaic, and photovoltaic-diesel energy storage system for communication power supply. It can solve the problems of industrial and commercial peak load regulation, backup power supply, and photovoltaic and wind power consumption, and provide enterprises with a full range of green energy solutions, provide power guarantee for remote mountainous areas and areas without electricity, and provide green electricity for communication base stations. The container energy storage system integrates multiple functions and equipment such as liquid cooling Pack, BMS, EMS, PCS and fire protection system. It is not only safe and reliable, but also has a longer service life and better environmental adaptability.


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