Beyond Limits, Pursuing Excellence, Achieving Every Customer” — Witnessing Our All-Out Efforts at the Indonesia Exhibition

On March 6th, the Indonesia International Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Technology Exhibition was successfully held at the Jakarta International Expo Center. Haitai saolr showcased its comprehensive “Photovoltaic + Energy Storage” solution at booth D1C2-11, attracting widespread attention and numerous visitors stopping by for inquiries.

Solartech – the Indonesia International Solar Energy Exhibition is the only professional exhibition in Indonesia dedicated to the solar energy industry. The exhibition focuses on photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal utilization technology, providing an excellent platform for local buyers and domestic and foreign energy solution providers in the solar energy industry to communicate and procure. It also offers international suppliers from the photovoltaic industry chain (such as solar cells, photovoltaic projects and systems, photovoltaic power stations, photovoltaic production equipment, and materials) the opportunity to showcase their latest technologies and innovative achievements.

This conference provided Haite New Energy with a stage to showcase its latest technologies and innovative achievements. The “Taihe 2.0” series of high-power modules became the focus with their outstanding performance. These modules feature dual-sided high efficiency, strong reliability, low attenuation, excellent low-light performance, temperature stability, and other advantages. They can be widely used in various scenarios, providing customers with higher power generation efficiency and returns, making them the best choice for those pursuing excellence.

At the same time, Haite New Energy also exhibited the “Haijing” series of household energy storage products to meet the stable power supply needs of homes. This series of products includes 3-6kW single-phase and 6-15kW three-phase models, all adopting a stylish white household appliance design. The energy storage products adopt modular design, allowing flexible expansion according to needs. The batteries use lithium iron phosphate cells and come with safety protection measures, providing users with a safe and reliable energy storage solution.

To better meet customers’ various installation needs, Haite solar also offers a variety of support products, including aluminum alloy support systems, zinc-aluminum-magnesium ground systems, U-shaped three-in-one balcony support systems, and support installation accessories. Each of these support products provides customers with more choices and better solutions due to their unique applicability.

Haite solar is committed to providing high-quality products and services, making sunlight more valuable. Focused on technological innovation and continuous product updates, it provides efficient products and quality services to global markets, contributing to the global green energy transformation and sustainable development with the strength of Haitai.


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