Breaking News from Intersolar | Haitai solar Stuns the Audience at Munich Solar Exhibition

Vibrant June, full of excitement. From June 14th to 16th, the highly anticipated Intersolar Europe, a prestigious solar energy event in Europe, kicked off at the New Munich International Exhibition Center. As one of the most representative new energy exhibitions in Europe, Haitai solar showcased its new product, the Magic Frame Series modules, and a range of N-type TOPCon modules, truly embodying the corporate development philosophy of “Quality Creates Value” and contributing to the global green energy transition.

The exhibition attracted a large number of attendees, including industry professionals, domestic and international experts, as well as new and existing customers, who showed great interest in Haitai solar various exhibits.



The Magic Frame Series modules made a stunning debut

At this exhibition, Haitai solar presented its new product, the Magic Frame Series modules, for the first time in Germany. This product represents a significant achievement and breakthrough for Haitai solar in the field of photovoltaic modules. Compared to conventional modules, the Magic Frame Series modules are over 1 kilogram lighter, or even more. They possess unique structural design, superior wind resistance, efficient and convenient installation, and low application costs, bringing significant improvements in speed and convenience to the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

In addition, Haitai solar also showcased a range of high-quality products covering the industry from conventional to high-efficiency modules, including the Taiji 2.0 Series, Taihe 2.0 Series, and Haitai-Taihe Bifacial 210 Series. The Taiji 2.0 Series, built with high-efficiency N-type cell technology (up to 580W), offers advantages such as high power output, high efficiency, and high energy generation. Combined with the low loss, excellent low-light performance, and high reliability of N-type modules, they can provide higher electricity generation benefits and investment value for commercial and residential distributed applications.


Diverse displays of photovoltaic mounting systems

During the exhibition, Haitai solar also showcased targeted products, including the Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium Ground Mounting System, U-shaped Integrated Balcony Mounting System, and mounting accessories. The Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium Ground Mounting System has a coating with anti-corrosion capabilities and unique scratch self-healing and section self-healing abilities. It boasts excellent material properties, with a yield strength of over 500MPa, high strength with low thickness, and cost-effectiveness. Haitai solar responds to the trend of green energy, taking resource conservation as its mission and contributing its strength to the long-term goal of carbon neutrality.


A splendid display of energy storage systems

Haitai  energy storage system, the Haijing Series, made its debut at the Munich exhibition. It features safety, reliability, portability, cost-effectiveness, and digital intelligence, better meeting the electricity demand of customers. Since its establishment in 2022, Haitai Digital Energy has developed products including large-scale containerized energy storage systems, commercial and industrial energy storage systems, and residential energy storage devices. Haitai Digital Energy has always been customer-oriented and driven by technological innovation. With leading independent innovation capabilities and abundant research and development experience, it provides customers with complete system solutions and efficient and reliable energy storage system products and services throughout the entire lifecycle, including demand analysis, solution design, system integration, installation and commissioning, and acceptance and delivery.

Europe is a key market for Haitai solar, and the company will continue to explore and innovate, support the reform of the European energy structure, and further deepen its involvement in the new energy industry, providing more valuable green energy solutions for customers worldwide.


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