Haitai New Energy Presents Full Range of Photovoltaic Module Products at Brazil Solar PV Exhibition

From August 29th to 31st, the three-day 2023 Brazil Sao Paulo International Solar Expo opened grandly at the Sao Paulo North Convention Center. Haitai New Energy showcased its impressive “Magical Border” series modules and N-type TOPCon modules at Booth 130 in Hall B4, attracting a constant stream of visitors. Haitai New Energy’s “Taihe” series and “Magical Border” products integrate high efficiency, high power, high electricity generation capacity, and high reliability, truly embodying the product design concept of “efficient power generation, simple installation,” and contributing intelligence and strength to the global green and clean energy transformation.

The showcased 210 high-power double-glass series modules in this exhibition have seen improvements in performance, such as conversion efficiency and temperature coefficient, compared to the previous generation products. With the full-process control of the 5G+AI smart factory, product consistency and reliability are ensured. These modules can be flexibly configured for ground and distributed applications. The “Magical Border” series modules use patented frameless technology, and their lightweight design and automatic alignment and calibration functions further reduce material costs and simplify installation and maintenance in practical engineering.

During the exhibition, aluminum alloy bracket systems, zinc-aluminum-magnesium ground systems, U-shaped three-in-one balcony bracket systems, and bracket installation accessories were also displayed in a targeted manner. These exhibits can better adapt to different application scenarios, meet various installation requirements of customers, and provide customers with better choices and superior solutions.

Haitai New Energy has always garnered a solid customer base and excellent product reputation in the Brazilian and South American photovoltaic markets with its high-efficiency, reliable products, and high-quality services. In addition, Haitai New Energy has been rated as a Tier 1 supplier by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) multiple times, demonstrating that the brand and technological strength of Haitai New Energy are highly recognized in the global market.


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