Solar Mounting System

Aluminum Ground Mounting System

Application:Flat Ground, Hills, Mountains
Wind Speed:80m/s
Snow Load:100cm
Module Type:Frame/Frameless, Double Glass, Bifacial
Module Layout:Landscape, Portrait
Tilt Angle:≤60°
Design Standard:JIS C 8955:2017,AS/NZS1170,BS Standard, Etc
surface treatment:anodic oxidation

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Product Description

【HTGM Series】

Aluminum Ground Mounting System
Mounting solution for narmal and high-corrosion environment with flat and sloped ground.
HTGM Aluminum Ground MountingSystem is a traditional and popular solution which is suitable for highanti-corrosion situations.

【Main Factors】

1. High Anti-Corrosion
Aluminum material is high anti-corrosiveand high self-recovery

2. High Pre-Assembly
Beam and legs are pre-assembled in factorywhich can reduce the installation and manual cost

3. Recycle
After 25 years usage, aluminum is ok to berecycled

4. Suitable for Flat Ground and Mountains
The design can be adjusted based on themountain angle and situations

【Technical Datas】

Application Flat Ground, Hills, Mountains
Wind Speed 80m/s
Snow Load 100cm
Module Type Frame/Frameless, Double Glass
Module Layout Landscape, Portrait
Tilt Angle ≤60°
Material AL6005-T5, SUS304
Design Standard JIS C 8955:2017,AS/NZS1170,BS Standard, Etc
Surface Treatment Anodizing