Solar Mounting System

Zn-Al-Mg Coating STEEL Mounting Systems

Application:Flat Ground, Hills, Mountains
Wind Speed:80m/s
Snow Load:100cm
Module Type:Frame/Frameless, Double Glass, Bifacial
Module Layout:Landscape, Portrait
Tilt Angle:≤60°
Material:Zn-Al-Mg coating Steel
Design Standard:JIS C 8955:2017,AS/NZS1170,[UNK];

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Product Description

【HTGM Series】

Zn-Al-Mg Coating STEEL Mounting Systems
Mounting solution for normal and corrosion environment with flat and sloped ground. HT Zn-Al-Mg Steel Mounting System is a new pv mounting system which is suitable for offshore and other high-corrosive situations..

【Main Factors】

1. New Material, High Anti-Corrosive
Zn-Al-Mg coating Steel is a new material which has the high anti-corrosive performance.

2. Good Self-Recovery Performance
The self-recovery factor can reduce themaintenance cost after installation.

3. Good Performance& Competitive Price

4. Design Customization
The design is customized based on client’srequirements.

【Technical Datas】

Application Flat Ground, Hills, Mountains
Wind Speed 80m/s
Snow Load 100cm
Module Type Frame/Frameless, Double Glass
Module Layout Landscape, Portrait
Tilt Angle ≤60°
Material Zn-Al-Mg coating Steel
Design Standard JIS C 8955:2017,AS/NZS1170,BS Standard, Etc
Others N/A