TOPCon Bifacial high efficiency PV module

The “Taihe 2.0” series of bifacial high efficiency mono PV modules manufactured by Haitai Solar incorporates a complete range of  182mm  options to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Hi Power Output

High Durability

Better Anti-PID

Low Power Degradation

Low Temperature coefficient

Better Low Light Performance



海泰泰合系列高效双面组件,合而为一 光芒不止一面。覆盖166、182、210全系产品可满足不同应用场景的差异化需求。







Higher Power Output

Up to 25% power gain depending on albedo and PV system design
Up to 0 %power gain depending on albedo and PV system design

Real Energy Generation Gain

The bifacial module is suitable for the general application scenarios of photovoltaic power plants.
For roof distribution, bifacial module can be used for flat roofs, and high reflective finishes are recommended, not suitable for tile installation of color steel tile roof.

Technical Features

N-type multi-main gate

The N-type MBB multi-main gate half-slice technology is adopted to reduce the risk of cracking and gate breakage, improve energy density and achieve higher output power

Nondestructive cutting

The nondestructive cutting technology can increase the mechanical strength of battery, reduce the risk of component cracking and improve reliability

Based on high-efficiency TOPCON battery

Lower temperature coefficient; No light-induced degradation (LID) naturally; Lower attenuation

Excellent low light performance

Under low-irradiation conditions such as cloudy days and smog, the power generation effect is better than conventional modules

Low working temperature

The operating temperature is more than 1°C lower than that of conventional components

Anti heat spot

In the same environment and application scenario, when a hot spot occurs, the hot spot temperature of the half-cut module is 10-20°C lower


When the lower half of the half-cell module is shaded by the full horizontal row, the power generation of the upper half will not be affected

Product Certification

All Haitai’s product series have been placed on the list of ‘Enterprises with Regulated Conditions in the PV Industry’ released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and all its products have achieved certification from global entities such as TUV, CQC, UL, CSA, CEC, BIS, KS, INMETRO, SII, and MCS. Adhering to its operational philosophy of “focusing on quality and seeking technology-driven development,” the company has been creative in product design in order to address the needs of various markets and customers.

Product Warranty

0 %
Degradation of 1% in the first year
0 %
Subsequently 0.4% year on year

Full Service Professional Team

Pre-sales support
Professional pre-sales support, comprehensive support from product technology to system solution
After-sales service
Dedicated service, customer first, professional 7x24h after-sales service

High quality standards
Strict monitoring of production lines and product quality control to meet the demands of different customers.
Flexible response
In addition to its latest products, Haitai can also offer tailored versions of previous products, according to customers’ special requests.