Haitai Xinneng Shines at Intersolar Europe Grand Event

Haitai Solar brought a number of new products to the Intersolar Europe ,including rectangular all-black 455W modules suitable for household scenarios, 210R rectangular modules suitable for centralized ground scenarios, 700W modules, and 585W modules that can perfectly adapt to a variety of distributed scenarios. With its outstanding technological innovation capabilities and quality, Haitai Solar successfully attracted a large number of industry insiders to stop and consult.

In addition, we also exhibited newly developed supporting bracket system, which attracted much attention from domestic and foreign customers. The new bracket system includes balcony brackets, guardrail brackets, etc., which can be efficiently matched with balcony photovoltaic systems to provide customers with customized solutions for fixed/tracking/industrial and commercial/household photovoltaics.

At the same time, household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, and large-scale energy storage systems were also on display to fully meet customers’ diverse needs in different scenarios.

The exhibition site was very lively.Many industry authorities and solar energy storage customers visited the Haitai Solar’s booth and held talks. This not only further strengthened the relationship between the two parties, but also enabled the industry to have a new understanding of the comprehensive value and capabilities of Haitai Solar, greatly enhancing the confidence and expectations of future cooperation between the two parties.


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