“Haitai solar” made a stunning appearance at the Pakistan International Solar Energy Exhibition.

On February 27th, the Pakistan International Solar Energy Exhibition kicked off at the Lahore International Expo Centre in Pakistan. Haitai solar showcased a variety of classic components and photovoltaic support products at booth A-1-07, attracting a continuous stream of visitors.

The Pakistan Solar Energy Exhibition is the only specialized energy exhibition in Pakistan dedicated to photovoltaics. Supported by the local government, it serves as an important platform for Chinese solar energy companies to enter the Pakistani and surrounding markets.


Among the Taihe series products exhibited by Haitai solar, the components produced using 210 large-size solar cells boast a power output of up to 700W, making them the optimal choice for large ground-based power stations. Additionally, components utilizing N-type 182 large-size solar cells technology with a power output of up to 590W were also showcased, providing customers with greater electricity generation benefits.


During the exhibition, Haitai solar also displayed aluminum alloy support systems, zinc-aluminum-magnesium ground systems, U-shaped three-in-one balcony support systems, and support installation accessories tailored to different application scenarios, meeting various installation needs and offering customers better choices.


Adhering to the concept of quality casting value, Haitai solar continuously enhances its innovation and research and development capabilities to adapt to the rapid development and changing demands of the photovoltaic market, providing global customers with more valuable green energy solutions.


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