Crossing East and West, Joining Hands in Presentation” | Haitai solar Attends Exhibitions in Japan and Italy in Splendor

From February 28th to March 1st, the Tokyo Solar PV Expo and the 17th edition of the Italy International Renewable Energy Exhibition were grandly opened at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Center in Japan and the Rimini Exhibition Center in Italy, respectively. Haitai solar showcased a variety of classic components, residential/commercial energy storage products, and photovoltaic support products, attracting numerous distributors and project developers for consultation with its efficient and reliable products.

The PV EXPO in Tokyo, Japan, is a trade exhibition specifically for the solar photovoltaic industry (booth number: E12-5), usually held annually in spring for three days. The Italy International Renewable Energy Exhibition (KEY ENERGY) in Rimini is held once a year (booth number: B6-040) and is the second-largest energy exhibition in Europe, as well as the most well-known renewable energy exhibition with the widest coverage. These two major exhibitions provide a platform for solar photovoltaic manufacturers, developers, and distributors from around the world to communicate and cooperate.

At the Japan exhibition

Haitai solar exhibited two major series products: “Taihe” and “Taiji”. Among them, the “Taihe” series has a maximum power of 700W, a conversion efficiency of 22.53%, and is equipped with 210mm cells with 66 pieces, using half-cell technology, mainly suitable for large ground-based centralized photovoltaic power stations and commercial/industrial rooftop distributed photovoltaic power stations. The “Taiji” series has a maximum power of 605W, a conversion efficiency of 21.64%, and is equipped with 182mm cells with 78 pieces, using half-cell technology, suitable for large ground-based centralized photovoltaic power stations, commercial/industrial rooftop distributed photovoltaic power stations, and residential distributed photovoltaic power stations, meeting various customer needs.

At the Italy exhibition

Haitai solar launched two major energy storage series products: “Haijing” and “Haixin”. The “Haijing” series products are mainly for residential energy storage projects, including 3-6kW single-phase and 6-15kW three-phase systems, with a stylish and beautiful appearance adopting a white home appliance design. The lithium batteries are modularly designed for flexible expansion, using lithium iron phosphate cells with safety protection measures. The “Haixin” series targets commercial and industrial energy storage systems, integrating liquid-cooled packs, BMS, EMS, PCS, and fire protection systems, with a capacity of up to 233 kWh and a maximum power of 100 kW, supporting load tracking, backup power supply, and peak shaving functions, providing green energy solutions for enterprises.

The markets in Japan and Italy represent Asia and Europe respectively, showcasing Haitai solar development footprint in different regions worldwide. Haitai solar will continue to break through in continuous research and development, continuously promoting the innovation research and industrialization of photovoltaic technology, committed to creating greater value for customers and bringing higher electricity generation, safer, and more reliable products to global customers.


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