Haitai Solar shines at the Netherlands International Solar Expo

The Netherlands International Solar Technology Application Expo (Solar Solutions Amsterdam), with booth number M9, grandly opened on March 19th. As one of the most influential photovoltaic exhibitions in northwest Europe, this event brought together numerous leading enterprises in the new energy industry, showcasing the latest solar energy products and energy storage solutions.

This year, the Netherlands International Solar Expo once again became the focus of attention in Europe, with HaiTai Solar  standing out prominently. As a member of the Chinese photovoltaic industry, HaiTai Solar has distinguished itself in the industry with its outstanding products and excellent services.

At the HaiTai Solar booth, solar modules, energy storage systems, and photovoltaic mounting products gathered together, attracting the attention of many visitors. The solar products showcased by HaiTai Solar range from 435W to 700W in different power and specifications, covering various application scenarios from large-scale ground centralized power stations to distributed rooftop power stations, fully demonstrating HaiTai Solar technological diversity and leading advantages in the photovoltaic product field.

The energy storage system, another highlight of HaiTai New Energy, has also garnered widespread attention from the industry. The stylish and aesthetically pleasing household energy storage systems offer choices ranging from 3-6kW single-phase to 6-15kW three-phase specifications, catering to the personalized needs of different users. These energy storage solutions adopt lithium iron phosphate battery cells, which are not only safe and reliable but also have longer service life and better environmental adaptability. Industrial and commercial energy storage systems integrate various functions such as liquid-cooled Packs, BMS, EMS, PCS, and fire protection systems, with a capacity of up to 233 kWh and a maximum power of 100 kW. These systems support load tracking, backup power supply, and peak shaving functions, providing enterprises with comprehensive green energy solutions.

In addition, HaiTai Solar aluminum alloy mounting systems, zinc-aluminum-magnesium ground systems, and balcony brackets have also attracted attention. These mounting systems, with their high strength and corrosion resistance, and lightweight design, provide customized solutions for industrial and commercial rooftops and meet the needs of different scenarios, with convenient installation.

On the stage of the Netherlands International Solar Expo, HaiTai Solar not only showcased the strength and innovation capabilities of Chinese solar energy enterprises but also demonstrated to the world the proactive attitude and responsible role of Chinese enterprises in the global energy market. With the growing global demand for renewable energy, HaiTai Solar, with its outstanding technology and product advantages, is helping to take more solid steps towards global energy transition.


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