Haitai Solar: Illuminating the Future of Energy in Africa, Leading the Way in Green Transformation.

On March 18, 2024, the Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 exhibition was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, attracting extensive global attention in the energy sector. As one of the leading enterprises in the Chinese solar industry, HaiTai New Energy showcased a variety of classic component products at booth F44b, becoming a highlight of the exhibition.

The Taihe 2.0 series products showcased by HaiTai New Energy on-site were remarkable. Among them, the modules produced with N-type 182 cells have a power of up to 585W, undoubtedly making them the ideal choice for large-scale ground centralized photovoltaic power stations and industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power stations in Africa. The small-sized all-black modules (435W) provide customers with household distributed project solutions with higher efficiency, aesthetics, and reliability.

In addition to excellent component products, HaiTai New Energy also showcased a series of mounting systems and installation accessories, including aluminum alloy mounting systems, zinc-aluminum-magnesium ground systems, U-shaped three-in-one balcony mounting systems, and mounting accessories. These products can adapt to different application scenarios, meet various installation needs of customers, and provide more high-quality choices for customers.

At the stage of the South Africa exhibition, HaiTai New Energy demonstrated the strong strength and leading technology of Chinese solar energy enterprises. It became one of the focuses of the exhibition by showcasing excellent products and technology to the world. This exhibition not only provided a platform for global solar energy enterprises to display and communicate but also brought new opportunities for energy transformation and sustainable development in Africa.

In the future, HaiTai New Energy will continue to play a leading role in the field of green energy and is committed to promoting global sustainable development. It will contribute to the energy transformation and sustainable development of Africa, bring more benefits to the African people, and contribute more to the construction of clean and green energy worldwide.


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