Deepening Cooperation: EMT Visits Hai Tai New Energy in South Africa

On the 11th and 12th of the month, EMT (Energy Module Trade) was invited to visit Hai Tai New Energy, and both parties engaged in in-depth discussions regarding their existing collaboration and future expansion in the South African renewable energy market.

Chairman Wang Yong of Hai Tai New Energy warmly welcomed the visit from EMT and provided an introduction to and tour of Hai Tai’s automated production lines and latest products in high-power modules, photovoltaic brackets, and energy storage. The two parties had in-depth discussions on future market development and industrial cooperation, with a shared vision of deepening their collaboration and promoting industry advancements in South Africa and other regions.

During the COP conference, South Africa announced its plans to decommission certain coal-fired power plants in order to achieve its decarbonization targets in the energy sector. EMT, as Hai Tai’s authorized distributor in the South African market, has received recognition in the local market for its applications in photovoltaics and energy storage. In the future, both parties will continue to work together to expand their cooperation and achieve long-term mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.


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