Haitai New Energy Signs Component Supply Agreement for Branderwal 30MW Project in the Netherlands

On July 18th, Hai Tai New Energy signed a component supply agreement for the Branderwal 30MW power station with Zonnepark Branderwal BV, a company based in the Netherlands. The Branderwal project combines solar energy development with the reclamation of wastelands and deserts, using the “PV+ Green Ecological Industry” model of “power generation on the panels, agriculture and animal husbandry beneath the panels.” This innovative approach not only generates green electricity but also improves the local ecological environment.

Due to the influence of international political situations, European countries are facing a surge in electricity prices and even a “power outage crisis.” Zonnepark Branderwal BV has been actively promoting the localization of clean energy to address the European energy crisis. They prioritize standardization, technological innovation, product performance, and system safety for their projects. After comprehensive consideration, Zonnepark Branderwal BV ultimately selected Hai Tai New Energy’s 675W double-sided dual-wave TOPCon modules. Since its introduction, the Hai Tai TOPCon series has gained recognition from numerous overseas customers due to its outstanding performance and conversion efficiency.

We appreciate Zonnepark Branderwal BV’s trust and their continued selection of Hai Tai New Energy as a long-term partner, contributing professional expertise to the advancement of green energy in the European market. Currently, Hai Tai New Energy has established a leading technological position in key global markets and has a successful track record in several large-scale power station projects in Europe and America.


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